• Contains 1 Pcs 65 cm long.
  • Scalibor Collar is for the control of infestations of ticks, control of blood sucking caused by sand flies and for an anti-feeding effect on adult mosquitoes. ensure an accurate fit.
  • The collar itself is white and odourless.
  • Scalibor Collars provide up to 6 months protection from ticks. It kills ticks that can transmit serious diseases such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Babesiosis. The collar should be applied at least 10-14 days before exposure to fleas and ticks.

Scalibor Collar Large 65 cm 1 Pcs

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    • It is supplied in two sizes "small-medium (48cm)"or "large" (65cm). The small collar contains 0.76g of deltamethrin and the large collar contains 1.0g of deltamethrin. Please measure your dogs neck before purchasing the collar toensure an accurate fit.